What is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach is basically businesses connecting with bloggers for a mutually beneficial purpose. Businesses are usually hoping for some level of social media reach, engagement, product credibility and bloggers will usually receive payment in the form of cash, product, traffic or that warm fuzzy feeling (if it’s a community event or charity etc.)

Is social media really effective for business?

Social media is just like anything – you get out of it what you put into it. Yes it’s effective for marketing your business, building your online community and building your business revenue – but you have to work at it.

Why should I use a social media manager instead of managing my own social media for my business?

If you have the time and the knowledge and skills to manage your own social media accounts for your business – then you should. Using social media to connect with your customers requires regular, relevant content and engagement and it’s often preferable to have a key business stakeholder managing that role. In saying that, many business owners are just too busy – doing business to be able to manage their social media

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