Social Media Solutions

Social Media Start Ups

Want us to set up your Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter Pages/Profiles?

We can do that. We’ll set up your customised and branded platforms ready for you to start building and engaging your online audience. We’ll even send out 2 posts on your behalf to show you how it all works.

One social platform start up $220


All subsequent platforms $135 each


Ask us about what Facebook integrations we can include….

Social Media Policy For Your Business

Using social media for business is more complex than just managing your Facebook page updates – it goes a little deeper than that. If you have more than a couple of employees or you have more than one person (other than yourself) managing your business social media profiles, it’s worth considering the implementation of a business social media policy and some social media platform guidelines.

What’s the difference I hear you ask?

A social media policy outlines all the acceptable communications of your employees, staff, contractors with and about your product through social media channels. A social media policy ensure that all people involved with your business are aware of what, how and when they can communicate with your social media channels. Your policy can be as simple or as intricate as you choose depending on the level of risk for your business.

Reduce the risk to your business, manage valuable business resources and clearly articulate where your business stands with social media usage through your social media policy.

Drafting Business Social media policy – $495


Platform Guidelines For Your Business

Platform guidelines outline the conditions under which a person can access and interact with your businesses social media platforms. Implementing clear guidelines for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs ensures that everyone within your ‘page community’ is clear on acceptable behaviour, language and content within the page.

Your guidelines should outline how your page is managed as well as a means of providing a disclaimer to limit liability arising from any person’s involvement in your social media pages.

Draft page guideline – $195

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